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Jeya Karthika

Front-End Web Developer


I craft colourful pixels & write clean mark-up for the web.

Hot or Cold

Number Seeking game with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. It has now been integrated in to the Thinkful Front End Course syllabus and is being used as the starter template.

Shopping List

A beautiful, minimal shopping list app using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery. Try adding, checking off & deleting items to see the not so subtle animations.

Name that Colour

A Quiz web app to test how well you know the HTML colour names using HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.

Through my lens

Flickr API Hack using AJAX requests to display my amateur photography attempts in a simple & beautiful gallery.

Tic Tac Toe

Two Player TicTacToe game built with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & JavaScript. A Valentine's day special edition. :)

My Story


No, it was not my music band, It was my wedding & I was trying to make a beautiful website for it. That's when it happened. Does love happen that fast? Well, It happened to me. I just fell in love with crafting beautiful & unique user experiences.

It shouldn't have been a surprise. The symptoms were always there. An unexplainable obsession with colours, a passion to make things happen, an inability to do anything short of perfection and a love for making kick-ass presentations.

So hey, Here I am, ready to make your ideas happen.



I am always interested in hearing about new challenges or side-projects & would love to hear from you. Email me or just hit me up on twitter.